February, Frugal & Fun!

February, Frugal & Fun!

Rein-beers all ready for the road at Christmas-time

After watching the pennies in January. I kind of got into the habit of being a spendthrift! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about a massive overhaul of finances or anything like that, just being more careful and thinking before spending.  For instance, my friend and I decided to swap skills, she’s teaching me to knit while I help her get the best out of her new camera – no money spent, and a slightly more fun afternoon than just a coffee and a gossip.

It costs about £8 in petrol plus £3-£4 on car parking to go into Aberdeen shopping, frankly I can get almost everything I need in my local High street or on-line, plus I meet the shopkeepers and other shoppers in my community, and if I need to take something back – I don’t have to spend another tenner plus doing so…..

One of the things I did last year when I changed my career to be self-employed, was to join several new local clubs, the idea being that I would meet new groups of people and either keep fit or learn something new.  I have joined the local Horticultural Society (£5 annual membership £1 if there’s a speaker); Running Club £15 annual fee; Zumba classes and Boot Camp in the local park (£6 each time I go); a local WRI (£15 annual fee).

None of these were expensive to join, require much by way of specialist equipment (apart from trainers), none create a fuss if you don’t go every time and all have already given me way more than my money’s worth.  I’ve learned about bee-keeping and greenhouse management, how to make Rein-beers, how to get rid of white water marks on french-polished furniture, done Irish dancing and Salsa and can just about manage a plank!

In addition to all the new experiences and skills learned, I’ve met new people and made new connections in my community, and barely spent any money doing so. Far from being exclusive or fuddy-duddy these clubs and the people in them are full of skills and experiences they’ll readily share with you.

If you want to brighten up your February without challenging your bank balance, join a local club or swap skills with a friend!


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